The new temple building will be modern and functional and will be accented with elements of classical Vedic architecture.  The following are the salient features of the planned temple:

  • Vedic Temple Architecture.
  • The proposed temple will showcase the ancient timeless Vedic culture through the use of modern technology to effectively communicate the importance of Krishna consciousness.
  • The compliance with Vastu Sastra (Indian Science of Architecture) to benefit everyone.
  • A spacious beautiful temple hall with an attractive altar and worship of the Lord according to the Vedic ancient standards.
  • Multi-purpose Hall with state of the art multimedia facilities for festivals, seminars, performances, presentations, educations, samkaras (weddings, birthday celebrations etc.) and other functions.
  • State of the art mechanized and separate kitchens for preparing the bhoga for visitors and for the deities.
  • Educational Facilities.
  • Books and Souvenirs shop.
  • Wall of Fame (Donors)

==>Location of the new temple