How we started

On 18 February 2011, the day after Sri Nityananda Prabhu s appearance day the long awaited decision pertaining the appointment of land for a new temple in The Hague, The Netherlands, was made by the local Dutch governing authorities in favour of ISKCON and two other religious organizations.

A consortium of three religious organizations, International Society for Krishna Consciousness Sri Krishna Dhaam, Arya Samaaj Nederland and Siri Gurudwara Singh Sabha will be building three temples side by side on a plot of 4400m2.  Whereof ISKCON has 1000 m2 of land and a communal garden of 800 m2 in one of the best locations of The Hague within the direct surroundings of shopping malls, universities, train stations, residential areas and in close proximity of major highways.

Former Alderman Marnix Norder (city development, integration) released an official statement to the media where they stressed the fact that the financial funding will be a private endeavour and the municipality has only authorized and allotted the land for this project. He believes that this complex will be an icon for the city of The Hague and The Netherlands in general and will be the second largest temple complex in Europe, after the UK.

Where there is one temple in Amsterdam, Three preaching centers and Six nama hatta’s over The Netherlands. The obtaining of land is a historical achievement for The Netherlands and especially for ISKCON in the city of The Hague where the law and regulations are very strict. Furthermore The Hague is the city where the Royal Couple, Dutch government and parliament is seated along with international organisations as the United Nations, The University of The Hague and has one of the popular beaches of Europe ‘Scheveningen’. In such environment the new temple will definitely get the attention of curious people as prominent leaders, tourists, travellers, students and visitors.

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